Superhero TV seasons in order of quality

By Dapo "Naija Geek" Olasiyan

I have decided to rank the various TV shows that contain superheroes by season.

I fully expect this to trigger some but this is my list and i will defend it to the death!

So read my list and let's hear from you on what you agree or disagree with, let the bricks fly!

1. AoS S4 2. Daredevil S3 3. Legion S1 4. Jessica Jones S1 5. Daredevil S1 6. Punshier S1 7. Daredevil S2 8. Jessica Jones S2 9. Flash S1 10. Legion S2 11. AoS S5 12. Luke Cage S1 13. Runaways S1 14. Gifted S1 -S2 15. Cloak & Dagger 16. AoS S2 - S3 17. AoS S1 18. Black Lighting S1 - S2 19. Supergirl S1 20. Arrow S1 HERE IS THE GOOD / BAD BORDER 21. Flash S2-S6 22. Luke Cage S2 23. Gotham all seasons 24. Supergirl S2 - S4 25. Arrow S2 - S7 26. IF S2 27. LoT all seasons 28. IF S1 29. Inhumans 🤮🤮🤮

NB: I have not watched Titans yet.

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