Marvel Comics Round Up for: 2nd January 2019

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year all and let's hope for great comics this year, Excelsior!

Tony Stark - Iron Man #7 - Writer: Dan Slott, Jeremy Whitley Artist: Valerio Schiti

I enjoy a good AI debate like anyone else and this current run is bringing up some interesting questions about Stark's AI and how he treats her/it. Is it actually sentient? Is Stark wrong for still ordering her about?

The main tale is still about Stark losing control of his new virtual reality MMORPG called eScape, the Controller is behind this and it is now a game of who is smarter to get it back but the stories with the most meat are actually about his parents.

In eScape there seems to be virtual v versions of Howard and Maria Stark and they now interact with Tony's biological mum, akward!

In addition the Machine man and Jocasta dynamic is as good as ever and I am really liking this "racist" Machine man.

Dan Scott showing why he is one of the most consistent good writers out there at the moment.

Naija Geek says: This is a very enjoyable 7/10

Winter Soldier#2 - Writer:Kyle Higgins Artist: Rod Reis

This book has started very strongly and that continues with this issue. The idea of opening a railroad for criminals that want to reform but need to have a new identity to avoid their former compatriots is a great idea and it is executed very well so far.

This issue we see the introduction of a new character of very shady morals but ironically seems modelled after Bucky Barnes himself which I can see will lead to him binding with this new character.

This brings up the question for me of how far can you go as a person down the villain route before you are deemed irredeemable? This will one interesting to watch how this plays out because this new introduction kills some innocent people in the first few pages!

The action in this comic is very well depicted by Reis and the story is quite hardboiled and uncompromising in the depiction of violence as suits the Winter Soldier to be honest.

Naija Geek says: A very strong 8/10

Conan the Barbarian #1 - Writer: Jason Aaron  Artist: Mahmud Asrar

Jason obviously has a deep seated love for Conan and it is apparent in the first issue of this new Marvel title.

He weaves a tale of Conan that is so typical of the Cimmerian that it would fit seamlessly with any of the past Conan tales I read through the ages. This is a good thing for a first issue as it settles you nicely into what Conan is all about and catches up any readers new to Conan but I hope Jason will not just be "retelling" tales from the past but will add some modern twists on the basic sword & sorcerery tales of the past.

I have to mention the art as well totally suits the Conan tone and evokes an old school Conan feel just like Aarons writing does here.

A very promising start

Naija Geek Says: A very barbaric  6/10

The Immortal Hulk #11 - Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Joe Bennett

This issue is mostly spent talking and light on the action but it is quite interesting at that. There is an interesting discussion about the cathartic feeling of letting out rage and how most people cannot get away with doing it the way the Hulk does, I like that they are calling out how the Hulk has done so many bad things in the past and yet keeps getting a pass from the heroes and why is that fair.

There is also some very spiritual discussion which I admit lost me towards the end but does not reflect on the comic itself but may be more due to my lack of knowledge / sophistication in such areas. I liked the call backs to old Hulk stalwarts Rick Jones and the original Mcgee.

I am intrigued by the Creel and Puck subplot and want to see where that is going and how it will tie in with the whole story.

The art as usual maintains it high creepish standards.

Naija Geek Says: A Hulkrific 7/10

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