Marvel Comics Round Up for: 19th December 2018

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Infinity Wars #6 - Writer: Gerry Duggan, Artist: Mike Deadato Jr.

This latest Marvel crossover event has been an absolute disaster, it started with some promise but that hope soon dissipated and it has been a total washout.

I don't really see why this needed to exist beyond a cheap cash in on the current MCU movies especially Avengers: Infinity War.

The conclusion of this event seemed as pointless as the whole event itself and has for me not added anything of value to the marvel universe beyond some new confusing twists in regards to Drax and Adam Warlock.

I could honestly tell you what the actual point of this whole arc was.

Comics like these are what have put many people off events and comics in general. I do not really have anything good to say about this issue and the whole 6 issue arc itself beyond that marvel need to reassess what they release and realise they may be doing more damage then good to their fanbase

Shame on you Duggan and shame on you Marvel.

Naija Geek says: This is infinitely trashy and gets 2/10 and the 2 is for the art.

Dead Man Logan#2 of 12 - Writer: Ed Brisson, Artist: Mike Henderson

Brisson is a writer I am starting to accept as someone that does good consistent work, I am not that biggest Logan fan and I think he is over-saturated in comics but this is the kind of comic where I welcome the character and that is due to the good writing and the fact that his motivations here make sense in light of the history of Old Man Logan as we know it.

For those not aware, Old Man Logan came from an alternate future and now lives in the prime Marvel timeline (is it still designated 616?) but he is dying from adamatuim poisoning.

Before he dies he wants to make sure the alternate reality he came from never happens by killing Mysterio who was vital in bringing that future to come to pass.

The banter between Logan and Hawkeye is excellent as is also the back and forth between Sin and Ms Sinister.

A very enjoyable book.

Naija Geek says: A very good 7.5/10

Marvel Knights #4 - Writer: Viat Ayala, Donny Cates  Artist: Joshua Cassara

Another good entry in this mini-series, In this one we get introduced to Black Panther here snd how he is affected by the memory wipe. If I read this right it seems that T'Challa may be closest to why this has happened at all.

While this is a good issue I am now getting a bit impatient to get to the meat of the tale and start ort to see some real fight back by the heoers. This will be one of those comics that will be even better read in one sitting when it is collected together.

In the meantime this serves as a good story about how the innate goodness of T'challa shines through despite his lack of memories and decides to help his fellow human beings despite the hate shown to him and others of his ilk for being who he is and how he looks.

Naija Geek Says: A Marvellous  6.5/10

Thor #8 - Writer: Jason Aaron  Artist: Mike Del Mundio

This is a comic!

Jason Aaron writes an epic Thor every single time, In this issue we see him get tortured in terrible ways by the angels of Heven and yet it only further serves to show how tough the Odinson is.

This also features a prison break with the aid of bunch of mythic animals and it is epic!

Seeing Angela and Thor interact and finally seeing how she now views him was heartwarming indeed.

And what was up with that ending with Roz Solomon?! That has me excited to no end.

Even the art of Mundo which I have bitched about in the past is now looking good to me in its own unique way.

I really don't want to talk too much about this comic but please just go and read it, give the art a chance to grow on you, the story is worth it.

Naija Geek Says: A Thorific 8/10

Punshier #14 - Writer: Matthew Rosenberg Artist: Szymin Kudranski

This may be the best ongoing Marvel comic out there at the moment, I have constantly praised this run on this book by Rosenberg and Kudranski but each new issue just reinforces it.

Frank Castle is just so damn good in this book and when i say good I mean deadly!

Seeing him kill his way to the top echelons of Hydra is just great fun to read and even when he is finally taken down by the heroes he still manages to go out like a boss.

This comic should be on everyones pull list.

Great read.

Naija Geek Says: A conssteknlty good  8/10

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