Marvel Comics Round Up for: 12th December 2018

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I want to try a new format this week, shorter more concise reviews but allowing me to cover more comics. Let me know what you think of this format and which you prefer.

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Avengers #11 - Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Ed McGuinness

Thor goes on a date with She-Hulk! Black Panther builds his new illuminati and the son of Coul is back and not smiling!

Seems being killed by Deadpool has made Phil lose his long standing love affair with all things superhero. This book is now picking up steam and you can start to see a hint of what Jason is building to and the art of McGuinness has now actually started to grow on me.

Naija Geek says this is an Avengistic 7.5/10

The Best Defense #1: Dr Strange - Writer: Gerry Duggan, Artist: Greg Smallwood

The Best Defense #1: Silver Surfer - Writer: Jason Latour, Artist: Jason Latour

These books including the last weeks ones for Hulk and Namor are all building towards a Defenders comic which will land next week. They have all been very solid individual entries which in a way seem unconnected but have just enough mystery to keep you wanting to see what it is all about. Dr Strange's issue is set in a future where he is the last human alive and is a really weird tale with an even more weird ending, I have never seen anyone achieve escape velocity that way. Talk about riding a wave of anger!

The Silver Surfer entry is a new take on how people caught up in a visit from Galactus may act, we are used to seeing the crying hopeless masses but in this book we see more of the determined unscrupulous types and how they take advantage off this end of the world type situation. I quite enjoyed this book and was actually rooting for some of these more unsavoury types.

An overall easily defendable 6.5/10

Spider- Gwen Ghost Spider #3 - Writer: Seanan McGuire , Artist: Rose Kampe

Spider-Girls #3 - Writer: Jody Houser, Artist: Andres Genolet

Spider-Force #3 - Christopher Priest, Marcelo Ferreira & Ibraim Roberson

All these comics were created just to be tie-in's to the latest Marvel event: Spidergeddon and they are at best average bordering mostly on meh. I would recommend people ignore these books and just get the main Spidergeddon titles including the regular Spider-man comics like Amazing and Spectacular which retain their normal good quality

Naija Geek Says: A not so Spiderific  5/10

X-23 #7 - Writer: Mariko Tamaki , Artist: Diego Olortegui

I love this comic quite a lot due to the easy plotting of Tamaki and Honey Badger is fast becoming one of my fave new characters in comics.

Tamaki this issue weaves a tale of scientists being murdered and they happen to be people with the requisite expertise needed to create clones like Laura and Gabby. This tale follows as they lend a hand to the police to investigate these murders which as you expect leads to even more startling revelations.

Naija Geek Says: A total Honey Badgerish  7/10

Black Panther#7 - Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates Artist: Kev Walker

This book is getting better every issue and I think it suits Coates now that he has made clear whim the enemy is and there is not so much ambiguity in the book on motives.

The story is also more streamlined the last two issues, I still have some questions which need clarifying but it is much better than Coates first arc in this galactic tale which had me totally perplexed as to what was going on and who the characters actually are, this was made with the art not doing a good job of distinguishing between different characters.

Naija Geek Says: A much more Wakandan  7/10

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