DC Comics Round Up for: 5th December 2018

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I must apologise for the interruption in service but I got mad busy with work and personal stuff and as a result the reviews suffered but I am back now and hopefully normal service will be resumed, now to the reviews!

Shazam #1 - Writer: Geoff Johns, Artist: Dale Eaglesham

Well my favourite hero from DC is back in his own book, you would think that this would be a source of joy to me, sadly it is not.

This is due to the fact that it is still being written by the person responsible for the whole name debacle Geoff Johns, he even had the audacity to reference the Captain Marvel name in the book.

One thing that is blatantly clear is that the whole name thing is an issue for the comic and this issue clearly highlights this fact. What do you call the Marvel Family now when you don't want to use the word Marvel? Cue silly names like the Lighting league, the Thunder Force and the most likely winner: Shazam family.

Geoff Johns has taken these character so far from their roots that DC may as well have started from scratch with totally new heroes and call them something else with no ties at all to the Marvel family. It breaks my heart!

Anyway enough of my personal wailing and moaning, the story is actually pretty decent and is a nice re-introduction to the main characters. Geoff John despite his crimes is a pretty good writer and this book is not an exception. As much as I hate a lot of his changes in this comic he modifies the Rock of Eternity and he got me interested in seeing where he is going with this change, it looked a quite intriguing change.

Beyond that this is quite an easy read and is mainly scene setting.

The last page surprise cliff hanger will get you eagerly anticipating the next issue.

I loved the art on the back up story featuring Mary and I hope to see more of Mayo Naito's work in the future.

The art on the main story is by no means anything to sneeze at but Dale's work is well known by now and does not need me to sing its praises.

Naija Geek Says: A reluctant fanboy score of  6/10

Doomsday Clock #8 - Writer: Geoff Johns, Artist: Gary Frank

Yes I have another Geoff Johns book review for you guys and this one knocks it right out of the park.

As much as I give Geoff grief over Shazam, his work on this property is just breathtaking. I am already eagerly awaiting for this series to finish and be collected as a great graphic novel. Reading this an issue at a time is torture!!

This issue focuses on Superman for a change and how he is seen by the public at large with all the conspiracy theories flying around superhumans being a covert arms program by the United States.

Superman is the poster boy for optimism and naivety and Geoff rams this home in this issue as he becomes embroiled in a way he could have avoided if he had any ounce of politicking in him.

I loved the portrayal of Batman trying to steer him away while getting more frantic in his attempts to talk Clark down but in true Superman fashion Clark ignores him and proceeds to make a royal mess of things!

I really can't wait for the next issue and that is a testament to how much I enjoy this comic.

Random Question: Has anyone yet worked out what universe this is meant to be set in? Earth 0? A whole different Earth?

Naija Geek Says: An exceptional 9/10

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