DC Comics Round Up for: 2nd January 2019

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Happy New Year all and let's hope for great comics this year!

Heroes in Crisis #4 - Writer: Tom King, Artist: Clay Mann

This mini-series is starting to wear on me, this comic is starting to feel like we are being ripped off.

So much of the panels on the pages are basically wasted, there is an argument that some of this "wastage" is done for a dramatic effec. I can appreciate that argument but some of this is clearly not done for dramatic effect and more like to pad out and drag out the story.Take a look at the Canary "confession" panels for instance, smh.

The art is gorgeous as ever and even the colours are are wonderfully understated, I just wish the writing itself was more fast paced and less deconstructed.

The tale is still intriguing but my spidey sense is tingling and i am convinced they will not stick landing and we will be lumbered with some form of deus ex machina type ending.

My earlier complaint about the Flash in a previous review is confirmed as being valid here because we now see him realise he does not know what happened to Wally really and yet he has already given Booster Gold a revenge trashing! Terrible, terrible writing for one of the most level headed characters in DC, one that is also a cop to boot, smh.

Naija Geek says this is a shaky 6/10

Action Comics #61 - Writer: Brain Micheal Bendis, Artist: Ryan Sook

The strengths of Bendis as a writer is fully on display here, he gets human interactions better than most writers and hence his Clark Kent is great character to read about, as much as seeing him as Superman in action. The continual depiction of how paranoid the criminals in Metropolis are due to their belief that Superman could be listening at any time is a nice touch. Finally we get to see the person behind all the heinous ongoings but it manages to only add more questions. Was that car we saw in the last page really the one from the cover of Action Comics #1?

Naija Geek says a good 6.5/10

Detective Comics 995 - Writer: Peter J Tomasi , Artist: Doug Mahnke

This is an excellent issue from Tomasi and Mahnke, this "Master Bruce" arc is very strong and one that has really grabbed my attention and this latest issue simply carries on maintaining the high quality.

Seeing Batman dealing with tragedies hitting close to home in quick succession and the lengths he goes to protect those affected is nice to see and even more exhilarating is seeing his anger at what has been done, last panel where he is about to unleash his rage made me smile. I would not want to be an Arkham inmate right now!

Naija Geek Says: A great 7.5/10

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