Comics Round Up for: 30th January 2019

Hi Guys,

There are a lot of comics I want to review this week but I can't do them all but overall this was a great week for comics both for the good and the bad.

Let's go!

Heroes in Crisis #4 - Writer: Tom King, Artist: Clay Mann

I am fast losing interest in this glacially slow comic, each issue is around 30 pages and yet most of the events could have been compressed into 2 pages at most.

These events can be summarised as:

  • Superman talks to the press about Sanctuary in his most sanctimonious boy scout tone, urgh.

  • Batgirl elists Harley to help intimidate Skitters, Is Barbara is trying to out-badass Batman?

  • Booster Gold proves to be better than Flash,Batman and everyone else at detection, smh. This is the worst thing about this comic. I can never forgive the way Flash went off on Booster after his supposed "investigation".

King continues to make characters that are great look lame and he seems to do this in an attempt to try and hype other characters. Since Tom joined DC he has constantly made certain heroes look stupid, don't look any further than him having Catwoman knock out three Flashes.

I just want this book over now.


Naija Geek Says: A crisis indeed 5/10

Marvel Knights #2 - Writer: Donny Cates, Artist: Travel Foreman, Kim Jacinto

Well that ended with a whimper.

This comic had a great build up and seemed to be leading to a great reveal but after all that the reason behind this whole memory loss was just so bad.

They wanted to get rid of heroes and villains by robbing them of memories in hope that they can avert a foretold disaster In the future? That just sounds so lame.

What about new born heroes? What about the ones with actual innate abilities that will inevitably become revealed to them at some point? No this made sense at all.

Also what was up with the Dr Doom swerve? That just was never addressed at all but at least they made it clear it was just a Doom-bot.

Karen the ghost? An algorithm or a prayer come true? Who knows.

This was a massive disappointment.


Naija Geek Says: a massive let down 4/10

Punisher #1 - Writer:Matthew Rosenberg, Artist: Szymon Kudranski

Now we are talking!

This run is just so good.

Do you like unremitting violence? Check

Do you like heroes that are hard as nails? Check

Do you like to see Hydra scum get what’s coming to them? Check

This comic does not stint on showing us what Frank is all about including the violence he is willing to engage in. At the same time it also decides to show that maybe the impact of Frank vengeance has much worse repercussions for all the other innocents caught up in the cross fire.

This book is a guilty pleasure, one that is rare in this age of attack on anything that celebrates such blatant outright masculinity.

Naija Geek Says: A solid 7.5/10

Age of X-Man Alpha #1 - Writer: Lonnies Nadler, Zac Thompson Artist: Ramon Rosanas

This is a great start to whatever this new event is eventually leading to.

I love alternate reality stories that are branched off from the main universe, this issue sets up a near future that is almost paradise by any other name for mutants but we very quickly realise that as always there is a serpent lurking in Eden.

I am getting my hopes up that this turns out to be a great event and I don’t get disappointed but at least this engages you from the start and the Age of X-Man I hope turns out to be another classic X-Men tale. I already have a few question about this new age.

  • I wonder why Love is forbidden

  • What is the deal with normal Humans

  • does Luna simply happen to have the same name as Quicksilver daughter or his there more to it?

Naija Geek Says: A great start 7/10

Action Comics #1007 - Writer: Brian Bendis , Artist: Steve Epting

This book took a step that has been a long time coming and the ramifications of this decision by Lois should resonate for a long time with repercussions for our titular hero.

This whole issue is about secrets and who should be trusted with them.

Jimmy kicks it off with a tale about how he gets some secret information about Kobra, the way he comes by this information is quite intriguing and I like how Bendis weaved that tale.

I also detected a commentary on where we find ourselves currently as a society in how trust is eroded in certain institutions.

But the main event this issue is Lois finally confronting her dad and telling him Clark’s secret. "Yeah, Dad I am in love with your mortal enemy. Clark is Superman"

Man!! His reaction was classic General Lane. This will not end well, can’t wait!

Naija Geek Says: An engaging 7/10

Flash #63 & Flash Annual #2 - Writer:Joshua Williamson , Artist: Jordi Tarragona, Rafa Sandoval & Scott Kollins

These two comics together finally address in a proper manner how I expected Barry to react to the news of Wally's death at Sanctuary, not the way he did it in Heroes in Crisis.

I really enjoy Flash stories when it encompasses all the speedsters and the varying relationships between them.

These two stories are basically one large continuation and I enjoyed them most when they focused on Wally's death or Bart Allens reappearance, these are the hearts of the Flash tales for me.

I could really careless for any of the Sage forces storyline to be frank, Joshua Wiliamson is a proven good writer and his image book Birthright shows how good he can be.

His DC books are nowhere as good in my mind but I guess he needs to get the hang of them for awhile and maybe he will get to grips with these characters.

Naija Geek Says: A decent 6.5/10

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