Comics Round Up for: 23rd January 2019

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Hi Guys,

I seem to be making a lot of excuses for my slacking! Hopefully not anymore. Even if I can only do one review I will do that rather than have nothing up.

Let's go!

Avengers #13 - Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

This was a gorgeous book and Andrea Sorrentino's art was sublime. This is a nice standalone and almost self-contained story which is a nice change of pace from the arc currently going through this book.

In this issue we get the origin of the very first Iron Fist, this is a character we have seen being shown as one of the prehistoric Avengers.

I find it a bit strange that such a tale is being told outside of the Iron Fist books themselves but I am not complaining especially when the tale is nicely written. I do question how Fen Fei and Kun-Lun could have modern type humans if this story is set in prehistoric times with cavemen. Is this to do with the way Kun-Lun moves may mean it is out of sync with time? But then that would mean interfering with the past and another whole set of complications. Hmmmm.

Another question I had was addressed directly in the comic but I guess I was still not fully satisfied in as to why Fen helped the cave-men over say the man-apes? Was it an affinity to the species closest to her own?

Anyway Aaron spins a great tale as usual and I liked the twist that she made them aware of the potential of Shou Loa the undying . I now want to read more of Fen’s adventures in prehistoric times. Great work Aaron.

Naija Geek says this is an easy 8/10

Shazam #2 - Writer: Geoff Johns, Artist: Dale Eaglesham

This was a bit of a let down really.

Nothing happens at all in this issue, all it does is really to establish Mary as the nagging mother-type of the group. Beyond that all they do is spend a whole issue deciding/arguing on whether to try one of the trains.

They ended up in a funfair of sorts and nothing major happens till the last climatic page which in itself left me unmoved. Pure scene-setting issue.

Naija Geek says a meandering 6/10

Jessica Jones #1 - Writer:Kelly Thompson , Artist: Mattia Lulis

Anyone who knows the history between Jessica and Killgrave will understand the utter fear and despair that she and Luke are going through with their baby turning purple.

I do not know where this tale is going but my heart is breaking along with Luke's. The very thought and possibility that Danielle may not be Lukes child and that she may actually be the daughter of the man that raped Jessica Jones his wife is horrifying.

I do think it is misdirection because we have seen future incarnations of Danielle in other comics from the past and in these comics she is clearly half black and has the genetics of her Dad and Mum and so far no previous indication of any mental manipulation abilities which you would expect if Kilgrave is truly the father.

Naija Geek Says: A solid 7.5/10

Wildstorm #19 - Writer: Warren Ellis , Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt

This issue is a nice catch up one that reminds of what is at stake and who the players are and how they relate to each other. The background history behind the conflict between Khera and the daemons was a good refresher for me as I had lost sight of this.

Having Sparks deliver part of this history lesson and The Doctors the other parts was a good way of delivering this info dump.

Also I like how the Doctor storyline has a few parallels to the popular Dr Who show, calling her a Combat medic was highly reminiscent of the War Doctor.

Naija Geek Says: A consistent 8/10

Livewire #2 - Writer: Vita Ayala , Artist: Raul Allen

I have always liked this character but since the last Harbinger war in which she took on the whole United States and also all the heroes from the Valiant universe, she has become my fave valiant character.

She is my new comic bae!

This issue focuses on her capture from the opening issue by a Govt agency and how she handles her mistreatment. This book highlights clearly that even when stripped of her abilities she is still a bad-ass and not a person to mess with. I really hope her book has a long run and keeps up the quality.

Naija Geek Says: An engaging 7/10

Naomi #1 - Writer:Brian M Bendis , Artist: Jamal Campbell

This issue introduces us to the titular Naomi and her small sleepy American town.

We see how the aforementioned town react to a rare visit to their town by some battling super beings.

For the whole of this issue there seems not to be much shown beyond them being ordinary people but the last page hints at something more below the surface of this town. Bendis is bringing a new character to the DC universe in Naomi and I hope it is one that resonates and takes off like a few of his characters in the past have. I am onboard for the ride.

To add to this, the art is simply gorgeous Campbell does a brilliant job.

Naija Geek Says: A good start 7/10

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